NLC Speaker Database

Do you want to share your great solution, program or insight as part of one of the National League of Cities’ educational events? Fill out NLC’s Speaker Database Form. The form is for speakers interested in joining the NLC speaker database and submitting their ideas. If an idea is selected, speakers will be contacted. Speakers will only be contacted if they have been selected.

Please Note: There is a separate process to apply to be a Leadership Training Institute Seminar trainer.

Please copy the link below into your browser to access the LTI trainer application.

What to know before submitting to the database:

Educational programming at NLC is developed predominantly in-house based on the organization’s knowledge of members’ needs. NLC is not seeking workshop or seminar ideas through the database.

Instead, educational event planners are interested in hearing from speakers who can be inserted into a workshop or web event already in development. They are seeking effective and proven solutions for challenges that face cities, towns and villages, research on topics of interest to cities or examples of innovative and replicable city practices, programs or policies.

Speakers may submit as many ideas as they like at any time. The database asks only for a short summary of your idea. Prior to a conference or event, information from the database is compiled and shared with program team members. If a solution, example or research project described in the database seems to match a workshop or web event leader’s needs, he or she will call the submitter and ask for additional information.

We welcome your input and ideas, but please be aware that more than 90 percent of workshop or web event speakers are selected through existing contacts such as NLC member cities or organizational partners who are often not listed in the database.

NLC receives a large number of submissions each conference cycle. Please, do not contact NLC to ask about the status of a submission. Program staff will contact speakers if a match is made.

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