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* 2. Do you consider yourself a good team player?

* 3. When your supervisor asks you to do a project, do you tend to follow the way it has been laid out?

* 4. Would you be comfortable as a "team leader?"

* 5. Are you comfortable using your employer's business systems?

* 6. Do you consider yourself to be a flexible person?

* 7. Have you supervised others before?

* 8. Do you consider yourself to be a good "idea" person?

* 9. In a franchise business system, it's common to have very detailed operations manual. Will you follow it closely?

* 10. In a new franchise start-up, it's pretty common to NOT be able to take any money out of the operation for the first year. (But, sometimes you can) Do you have the financial resources needed for your living expenses during the start-up stage?

* 11. As you look back on your work life, would you consider yourself to be a rule follower, or are you a person that tends to make your own rules, to achieve the desired results?

* 12. Are you thinking about getting a franchise of your own because there's already a system in place?

* 13. Are you willing to pay a percentage of your gross sales every month to the franchise company for the right to use their system?

* 14. Why do you feel that a franchise company would want to award you a franchise? Please explain in one or two sentences. (Important!)  

* 15. Are you willing and able to write a check for $40,000-$50,000 of your own money? (Before a bank loan?)

* 16. Are you prepared (with help, if needed) to write a formal business plan to present to a lender for a loan?

* 17. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, (legally, of course) to become your own boss? Are you really, really, ready?

* 18. Will "doing whatever it takes," include investing a little money beforehand to learn exactly how to choose and research the best franchises available?

* 19. Does your spouse, partner, or significant other know about your interest in franchise ownership?

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