PeaceMaker Minnesota Constituent Resource Survey

Thank you for taking this brief survey to help us learn more about 1) the schools that are most important to our constituents, 2) how people can help further our mission, and 3) what motivates people to contribute.  

Thank you for being a part of our efforts to create a more peaceful world by helping to reduce bullying and teach youth positive relational skills.

* 1. What high school did you graduate from (name and city)?

* 2. What middle school (junior high) did you graduate from (name and city)?

* 3. What elementary school did you graduate from (name and city)?

* 4. If different from above, what MN schools are of interest to you (name and city)? For example, the school attended by your children, grandchildren, nephew, niece, etc.

* 5. What skills do you have (photography, graphic design, marketing, writing, grant writing, networking, data entry, stuffing envelopes, educating, accounting, public relations, speaking, web design, social media outreach, research, project management, etc.)?

* 6. Please check all that you may be willing to do:

* 7. Why have you contributed to PeaceMaker Minnesota? What values or vision for the world are represented by your gift?

* 8. Please tell us your first name.

* 9. Please tell us your last name.

* 10. Please tell us your email address.