AWS International Water Stewardship Standard

Thank you for taking time to comment on the first draft AWS International Water Stewardship Standard.

The feedback form has been structured to ensure that feedback is organized consistently according to various categories. This feedback will be reviewed by the ISDC, considered and incorporated into the next draft version of the Standard at the ISDC's discretion. The ISDC will provide responses to by category on how stakeholder feedback was incorporated. While specific comments will not be individually responded to, the ISDC will endeavour to consider all feedback and validate their decisions for inclusion or rejection of stakeholder input. This rationale will be publicly posted on the AWS website after each phase along with the release of the subsequent draft. All information submitted will be used only for the purposes of updating the draft Standard. In the spirit of transparency, all comments will be made publicly available. If you wish for your comments to remain confidential, please indicate so on Page 2 (Stakeholder respondent information).

Please refer to the AWS Water Roundtable Process Document( for more information on the Standard development process.

This online form has the following pages with a few fields that are mandatory with most being optional. We would ask you kindly organize your feedback by the categories provided:

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4) Feedback on the draft Guidance Document, organized by “Stakeholder Input” requests (yellow boxes) found in Document
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