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* 4. What environmental need within the e.g., school, community, or business/industry did the nominee address?

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* 6. Describe any unique or innovative aspects of the activity(ies) or initiative(s), especially regarding any special challenges that had to be overcome by the nominee to reach goals.

* 7. What effect(s) or impact(s) did the nominee have on the environment? Include in your response the scope or breadth of this impact within the school, business/industry, or community group.

* 8. What specific examples, data, or other evidence demonstrates the environmental effect or impact described above?

* 9. Please include links to any press reports that described the activity(ies) or initiative(s), such as news articles, photographs, web articles, newsletter articles, etc. If your information is not accessible through a web link, please email them to Pa Vang at Pa.Vang@ci.stpaul.mn.us.

(Completing this request is encouraged but not required.)

* 10. Has the nominee previously received any award(s) for this project? If yes, please explain. If no, please put "N/A".