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1. Find a person who lives in the state of New York, US, whose LinkedIn Headline contains all of the following:
  • “Open to New Opportunities”
  • CFO
  • “VP Finance”
  • Controller
What is the name of the town where he lives?

2. Find a person on LinkedIn who states his industry is "Libraries", lives in Florida, and lists the abbreviation MBA as part of his last name. What is the other, libraries-oriented, degree abbreviation he also lists as part of his last name?

3. Find a person whose LinkedIn profile headline says that he is Sales & Marketing Head, and also includes a Gmail address. What is the Gmail address listed in this person's headline?

4. Find a person on Github who works at Microsoft, lives in Seattle, and has repositories in all of these programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Java. What is the URL of the blog he links to from his Github profile?

5. Find a person on ZoomInfo who is a Pricing and Investment Manager at IBM.  What email address is listed on his profile?

6. Find a female Google Scholar author who has published a study of cats, dogs, and humans on an island in Spain. What is her email domain is listed on her profile?

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