1. Introduction

THE 2012/13 GREEN PRINT LEADERSHIP SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Please email neva@canopyplanet.org if you wish to be notified when the 2013/2014 survey is launched.

Canopy works collaboratively with about 700 corporate partners. We understand you are busy, and that your time and effort are valuable. We designed this survey to take just 10-15 minutes. We are looking for the most accurate answers possible, but require only your best estimates.

The survey defines the sustainability of your business in terms of paper use and forest conservation, and also credits the work you are doing on other recognized environmental initiatives. We want to see your company achieve the best results possible and ensure you receive all the credit you deserve. Canopy staff are available to help you fill out the survey, and to answer any questions you may have.

We are also eager to assist in providing advice and ongoing feedback to help you maximize your results, and will contact you to discuss your results before the survey is made public. With a communications focus on Continuous Improvement, Canopy will identify opportunities for next years survey and your rank within your sector.

The survey is split into 5 sections:
1. Introduction
2. Company Information
3. Sustainability Policies, Reporting & Certification
4. Forest Conservation and Eco Paper Engagement
5. What's in Your Paper?

Unless otherwise noted, all survey questions ask for information pertaining to the paper used (meaning paper purchased by your company directly plus paper supplied by your clients) to print materials for your clients in the 2011 calendar year.

Please Note: Questions with '*' require an answer in order to move forward with the survey.

You can re-enter the survey at any time to update or complete your responses.

If you have questions about the survey now or as you are work through it, please email neva@canopyplanet.org or marcus@canopyplanet.org for assistance.