We would like to collate your initial thoughts on this topic in order to feed into the EDGI-scope project (http://www.egdi-scope.eu) in particular Task 4:

Technical requirements for serving 3D geological models- Explore the possibilities, data and technical requirements, and the developments required to provide 3D geological models.

We would be grateful if you could please provide some information that will help with this task, considering your current 3D models:

* 1. What software package were the models created in?

* 2. 2. What scales/resolution are the models?

* 3. What are your input data? (e.g. lithological, stratigraphical, physical properties)

* 4. What boundaries do you use in your model?

* 5. What are your 3D workflows?

* 6. What are you output data?

* 7. 7. Do you incorporate uncertainty into the models?

* 8. If the answer to the previous question was yes, is this implicit (e.g. calculated, voxel) or explicit (e.g. maps, grids).

* 9. Do you take into account ‘time’ in your models?

* 10. Do you currently provide any of your data through web Portals?

* 11. What is your current method of 3D data delivery?

* 12. What are your future aims/requirements for 3D data delivery?

* 13. Do you provide your 3D model to be viewed by the user?

* 14. If yes which viewer do you recommend?

* 15. Are there any other comments you think we should consider

* 16. Could you please provide your contact details