4 weeks | Starts February 11

Course Description:

We are created to enjoy a natural, life-giving relationship with God through His son, Jesus.
Organic Discipleship will unpack how we, as believers, can...

...understand who we are in Christ

...discover our general and specific calling in life

...practice rhythms that keep us connected to Jesus, the Vine

...recognize opportunities to plant seeds of the Good News with others

Organic Discipleship is a 4-week course that begins on February 11th. Each Sunday a new lesson will be added for you to begin that week. The lessons can be done at your own pace and you can go through them alone or with a group of people (it's always best of you can do it with at least one other person).

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Thanks! I'll send you a link the week before the course opens so you can get access to all the lessons and resources. 

Jim Couchenour
Minister of Discipleship
Greenford Christian Church