1. Library Instruction evaluation

* 1. Librarian's name and date of instruction:

* 2. How many library instruction sessions have you attended in the past year?

* 3. How many semesters have you attended CF?

* 4. I have used the CF Library a total of how many times?

* 5. Prior to this session, how familiar were you with the Library's resources and services?

* 6. The pace of the session was

* 7. The amount of information covered was

* 8. Please answer the following questions:

  Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree
The Librarian was prepared, organized and knowledgeable.
The Librarian was helpful and personable.
The Librarian's explanations were clear and understandable.
The handouts provided are or will be useful in the future.
The 10-question Library Assignment is clear and easy to follow.
The Librarian encouraged and was responsive to student questions.
The Librarian encouraged students to ask for assistance at the Reference Desk and I would feel comfortable doing so in the future.
The information presented in the Library Instruction session improved my ability to use the Library's resources and services.
Overall, the Librarian provided an effective instructional session.
Overall, the presentation provided useful and relevant information.

* 9. What were the three most important things you learned in this session?

* 10. What were the strengths of this session?

* 11. How could this session have been improved?