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* 1. Please indicate the level of assistance you received in each area.

  Yes Somewhat No N/A ?
My advocate listened to my concerns about my situation.
My advocate helped me figure out where I might receive the services I need.  (Referral)
Project SAFE personnel were supportive and informative.
My Advocate helped me figure out how to be safer.
I have more information regarding why/how domestic violence happens.
I received assistance with a protection order.
I received assistance preparing to give court testimony.
I am aware of my rights as a victim of crime.
I am aware that I may be eligible for victim compensation or restitution.
I received assistance filling out victim compensation paperwork.
My advocate explained the next step in the court process for me.
I understand I have the right to submit a victim impact statement.

* 2. Because of the Advocacy/Support Services I received from Project SAFE:   (check all that apply)

* 3. Please indicate the selection that best describes your experience:

  N/A Yes Somewhat No
I was treated with respect.
Staff was caring and supportive.
We spent sufficient time discussing my safety.
My religious/spiritual beliefs were respected.
My sexual orientation was respected.
My racial/ethnic background was respected.
Any special needs related to disability were addressed.
Any special needs related to my age were addressed.

* 4. Overall, my experience with Project SAFE has been:

* 7. Do you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding your experience with our Program or Staff?

* 8. Thank you for taking time to complete our survey!
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