* 1. Do the video games you play feature violent content i.e. guns, violence, crime, horror.

* 2. If a video game features violent content in any way does this affect your opinion on purchasing the game?

* 3. Have you ever felt angry/annoyed/violent while playing a video game?

* 4. Have you ever felt angry/annoyed/violent after playing a video game?

* 5. Do games of nonviolent content interest you?

* 6. Do you think children should be banned from playing video games? (Feel free to leave your opinions in 'other')

* 7. Do you think that violence and video games are related? (Feel free to comment why you feel this way)

* 8. Sources state that playing video games can lead towards positive traits. Do you think this is true? (Feel free to say why you agree or disagree.)

* 9. Is there anything else you would like to share about video games and violence?
e.g. discussing if there is enough evidence to support playing video games makes you violent or if you think this is a false accusation and playing video games can lead to positive traits?

* 10. Finally, What is your gender? What is your age range?

  Under 16 16 to 18 19 to 21 22 to 24 25 to 27 28+