* 1. Please fill in the following:

* 3. What are you looking to gain through your volunteer experience?

* 4. What do you hope to contribute as a volunteer? Please briefly describe any experience you have that prepares you for this role (bonus points for sustainability related experience or interest).

* 5. As a volunteer, you will be asked to interact with and direct conference attendees and/or members of the local business community. Does this strike you as exciting or concerning?

* 6. As a volunteer you will be asked to perform tasks that require the ability to think on your feet and to be able to handle a quick paced working environment. Please provide an example of a situation in which you had to react quickly.

* 7. Some volunteer positions require you to look up attendees by name through an electronic registration system and print name badges. Please indicate you comfort level and proficiency with computers with basic training.

* 8. Do you have questions for the conference organizers? You will be contacted by March 15, 2013 with further details once your application has been reviewed.