Male Questionnaire

* 1. What age are you?

* 2. Do you regularly use any facial products? (e.g. moisturiser, cleanser, exfoliators, lip balms, acne treatments, anti-ageing creams or tanning products)

* 3. How knowledgable would you consider yourself in terms of using the skincare products listed in the previous question?

* 4. Do you suffer from any rashes, acne outbreaks, oily or dry skin?

* 5. Please select any hair care products that you use below:

* 6. Do you ever share/receive hair or face care tips with your friends?

* 7. Have you ever had any bad experience with skincare or grooming/shaving?

* 8. Would you use an app that would provide you with further information and improvements on your current skincare or grooming routine?

* 9. Is there any particular aspect or feature you would like to see in such an app?