The survey has 10 questions

Thanks for taking the time tell us who you are and what you think of The Bike Show. It won't take long!

1. How would you describe yourself as a cyclist? (tick all that apply)

2. How do you most often listen to The Bike Show?

3. As a listener, how would you describe yourself?

4. How did you first find out about The Bike Show?

5. For how long have you been listening to The Bike Show?

6. Would you like to hear more, less or the same of the following?

  I'd like to hear more... I'd like to hear less... I'd like to hear about the same...
Bicycle gear & componentry
Arts & literature
Doorstep adventures
Architecture & urban design
Environmental issues
Fashion & design
Travel to faraway places
Cycle safety
Professional cycle sport
Amateur cycle sport
Advocacy and bike politics
Rolling interviews (i.e. while riding)
Bicycle messengers

7. Do you listen to any other radio programmes and podcasts, either from Resonance FM or from other stations and sources? Which are your favourites?

8. Would you be interested in contributing material to The Bike Show?

9. Do you have any other comments, suggestions, requests or ideas?

10. Finally, please tell us where you live.

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