1. F-Keys - Course Evaluation

100% of survey complete.

In order to maintain and improve the quality of service to our clients and customers we would like to ask all candidates to complete the following Course Evaluation. Please provide us with your honest and sincere feedback on the training received. Please feel free to add any comments you would like to express in the free text boxes below.

* 1. Please enter your Company Information

* 2. Where did the Training take place? (Venue)

* 4. Candidates Expectations:

  No Somewhat Yes More Than Greater Than
Did the training session more or less meet with your personal expectations?

* 5. Work Relevence

  Not at All A Little Generally Mostly Entirely
How relevant to your job role and position within your organisation do you feel the content of the training was?

* 6. Applied Learning

  None Very Little Some Mostly All
To what extent do you feel the knowledge gained during training can be applied immediately to your working role or environment?

* 7. Confidence Level

  Not at all A Little Less Same as Before A Little More Much More
Following the training do you personally feel more or less confident about using the software on which the training was based?

* 8. Course Pace

  Much less Little Less About right Little more Much more
How did you find the pace of the training, or would you have preferred it to be more or less demanding

* 9. Course Handouts and Guides

  No Unlikely Yes Very Constantly
Will you find the handouts or guides (if issued) useful to refer to when applying the knowledge gained on the training session?

* 10. General

  Yes No
From a personal view did you enjoy the training and feel at ease and comfortable throughout the session?
Would you like to participate in additional training sessions if supplied by your organisation?
Did you find the trainer(s) well prepared and organised in their approach to the training?

* 11. Please feel free to add any recomendations, comments or testimonials regarding the training or services provided by F-Keys Ltd

* 12. Do you know anyone whom would also benefit from our profesional training services?

* 13. Comment Consent

Would you be prepared for your name (if supplied) or any of your comments entered in this feedback form to be occasionally used or quoted as part of our publicity or marketing strategy?