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We’re launching a new product, with many distribution options. How do we decide which channels to use?

We are about to launch a new product that spans several retail categories and types of retailers that would carry the product. It's geared toward kids­mostly girls from 6-12; it's educational in that it teaches basic cooking skills and history; it's fun because it involves role playing, challenges the imagination and can be done with parents, siblings and friends. The challenge is: we're a small company and there are so many retail and marketing options. We have some funding, but need to be judicious in how we apply what we do have to the launch. The product can retail through food, gift, department store, catalog, online 'Amazon' and educational institutions.

When it comes to building the best launch strategy for this type of product, which channel(s), and what key marketing options are best to pursue? Can your readers help?

­Pete M., President

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