* 1. Please indicate whether your business recycles each of the following materials.

  We Recycle This Material We Generate This But Do Not Recycle It Our Business Does Not Generate This
Glass bottles/jars
Plastic bottles/jars
Aluminum cans
Steel cans
Wooden pallets

* 2. Please estimate the percentage of trash volume generated by your business that currently is recycled.

* 3. Please estimate the percentage of trash volume generated by your business that you believe could be recycled.

* 4. What are your business’ biggest obstacles to recycling or increasing your recycling level?

  Not a Barrier Minor Barrier Moderate Barrier Major Barrier
Space limitations for recycling carts or dumpsters
Separating recycling from trash takes too much time
Volume of recyclable materials is too small
Too costly
Unsure of what can be recycled
Lack of employee interest
Lack of management/owner interest

* 5. What do you see as the benefits (or potential benefits) of recycling for your business? (MARK ALL THAT APPLY)

* 6. Have any of the following encouraged your business to recycle?

  Yes No Don’t Know
Corporate office (if applicable)

* 7. What trash hauler company collects your trash and (if applicable) recycling?

* 8. Who is responsible for contracting for trash and recycling collection for your business?

* 9. Approximately how many employees work in your business (at this location)?

* 10. Do you have any suggestions for what the City of College Park could do to help your business or other businesses increase recycling participation? If a one-time grant would be helpful, how might your business use such a grant?

* 11. Please provide your information: