Nominate your customers, organizations, community leaders and peers

Each year EP-ACT present awards to companies that have helped our organization accomplish its mission of petroleum displacement and environmental benefits to our region, through use of alternative fuels within the transportation sector.  Make nominations for one or more of the categories listed below.  Your help in identifying these exemplary organizations is greatly appreciated!

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* 1. Your contact information

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* 2. Advocate Award

Please recognize an individual that has demonstrated an outstanding effort and commitment to developing and deploying Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) and technologies, and supports EP-ACT’s mission of petroleum displacement.

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* 3. Industry Support Award

Recognize a stakeholder that has shown immediate and consistent action in placing alternatively fueled vehicles, fuel supply or technologies on the road within EP-ACT Territory. Industry support organizations can also be member organizations, which have entered into the development or installation new AFV technologies resulting in emissions benefits, petroleum reduction and job creation in the alternative fuel industry.

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* 4. Alternative Fuel Visionary Award

This organization has taken its commitment to alternative fuel/s to the next level. Using a creative approach to implementing sustainable practices and making a difference in Eastern & Central Pennsylvania and beyond, this organization has set a remarkable example for other organizations to follow.

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* 5. Environmental Excellence Award

This organization exemplifies vision and environmental stewardship, and has been a staunch supporter of EP-ACT and AFV technologies during the tenure of its membership. This level of recognition is traditionally considered for organizations with 4 years+ of EP-ACT membership and service. In addition, the organization typically has provided a large amount of support to EP-ACT through participation in sub-committees, special events, and membership in executive committees and/or board of directors.

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* 6. Alternative Fuel Leadership Award

An organization that has proven over time that it is committed to deploying, developing or installing alternatively fuel technologies. Leadership organizations have consistently taken risks on new technologies and remain committed to finding new ways to deploy and introduce AFV technologies. These organizations have also made AFV’s core to their business and/or fleet operations and regularly promote AFV technologies.