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* 1. What do you think would be the most successful UK Store to move over to the US market place, out of the following? If you have not heard of any don't answer.

* 2. Have you heard of the high street shop TOAST?

* 3. If you had a choice of choosing a collaboration (from the choices below), who do you think would best represent a UK Clothing and Lifestyle brand, culture and consumer demographic (women 25-65). Who would you pick?

* 4. Please state who you picked and give a brief reason for choosing this answer?

* 5. How would you like to see the shop TOAST if you went over to the USA?

* 6. Are you Male or Female?

* 7. Which consumer demographic do you fit under?

* 8. Which country do you currently live in? If you spent a significant time in another country, please add.