Provided by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

We appreciate your participation in this 11 question survey that will be used to help inform the development of a Salt Management Strategy (SaMS). The answers to these questions will be used to guide discussions in the initial meetings and to help identify interested stakeholders to invite to participate in a Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the project. As presented, the results of this survey will be summarized so that no responses are tied to any names or organizations.

* 1. Please provide your contact information below.
NOTE: The results of this survey will be summarized when presented publicly. However, for planing purposes, your information is valuable. Nonetheless, if you prefer to remain anonymous, please just enter "anonymous" in one of the fields below.

* 2. How would you rate your awareness of the impacts from salt application used for winter weather maintenance activities?

* 3. Do you agree with the following statement? There is opportunity to reduce the environmental impacts from salts and maintain high levels of winter safety.

* 4. How concerned are you with the current levels of salt use in winter maintenance activities?

* 5. Select any/all of the following issues related to the use of salts in winter maintenance activities that concern you:

* 6. What is your level of expertise or knowledge regarding salt use for winter weather maintenance activities?

* 7. Select any of the ways that you are involved with salt use in winter maintenance.

* 8. What would you like to see come out of a Salt Management Strategy (SaMS)? Please describe below:

* 9. The stakeholder committee will be tasked with developing several SaMS components. Please rate the following activities on how important each is to the success of the project.

  (Not important)
2 3 4 (Critical)
Develop a suite of salt-related best management practices (BMPs).
Produce a guiding document that outlines all aspects of the issue (environment, infrastructure, health, and cost) and provide resources for addressing those issues.
Identify all possible funding opportunities to assist in implementation
Develop options for effectiveness monitoring of the implementation of salt-related BMPs.
Identify options for reporting and tracking salt usage

* 10. Select any/all ways you may be interested to participate in a stakeholder-driven SaMS development process

* 11. Please identify anyone you believe would add valuable perspectives and/or would be interested in participating in the development of the SaMS (multiple recommendations are welcome).