We're currently working on a new set of upgrades to Trip and would like some advice around what we're doing. The upgrade should be out by the end of February so not too long to wait!

* 1. One major upgrade is to allow users to rapidly indicate RCTs. This will involve two steps (1) Significant effort in capturing an estimated 500,000 RCTs and adding them to Trip (2) Making them 'findable' via a new search filter.

An easy question to start - does that sound like a good idea?

* 2. The other major upgrade is to massively increase our linkage to full-text articles (mainly the primary research articles e.g. JAMA, BMJ, Thorax etc). Is this a welcome addition?

* 3. In order to better link to full-text we will require your organisation (e.g. hospital, university) to work with us to tell us what full-text journals they have purchased, probably through the library. Which of these responses is best?

* 4. ONLY FOR LIBRARIANS. We are planning to introduce a modest annual cost for the link out to full-text (via your organisational link resolver). Which response is best?

* 5. FOR CLINICIANS ONLY. To link out to full-text we require your library to liaise with us to make things work. Which response is best?

* 6. Final question! We've indicated that we want to charge for improved full-text access. Do you think it'd be acceptable to pay a premium to remove adverts from Trip. Which response is best?