* 1. Please provide us with your name and area code/town within Dublin. If you are completing this via web link or in hard copy may you provide us your email address.

* 2. Typically how long does it take you to travel to church on Sunday?

* 3. How do you usually travel to church?

* 4. How long have you been attending EN Dublin?

* 5. Do you consider yourself a member of Every Nation Church Dublin?

* 6. Do you attend a Life Group or not? If 'not' would you share your reason/reasons why in the box below. i.e. location/times/availability/don't feel the need/other

* 7. If EN Dublin had a part time Bible School would you be interested to attend? If yes which day/time would be best for you?

* 8. Please check the box/boxes that apply to you and provide the year of same in the box below

* 9. Where would you see your main strengths, gifting or interest? Please use box provided to elaborate if necessary

* 10. What is your age range?

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