100% of survey complete.

* 1. Choose one that best describes you.

* 2. In a typical month, how often do you attend church?

* 3. If I'm interested in a Christian book, I would

* 4. How many times a MONTH do you visit the public library for Christian material?

* 5. How many times a MONTH would you visit The Body of Christ Library?

* 6. If the following Christian resources were made available, please rate them according to your needs.

  Not interested Less interested Interested More interested Most interested
Small group discussions
Bible & book studies
Film studies
Art & music
Speaking engagements

* 7. Rate EACH of the following reasons for visiting The Body of Christ Library.

  Not likely Less likely More likely Most likely
To support a ministry
To support a church
To support my profession
For personal/family use

* 8. What's the MOST amount of time you would spend to drive to our library?

* 9. If The Body of Christ Library opens as a co-op or by membership, what is the MAXIMUM MONTHLY amount you are willing to pay to use our services?

* 10. What is your age?