Which subject matters resonate with you most as a Military Spouse today (former spouse applies as well)?

Doing research for my Group Mentoring Workshops catering to Military Spouses to stay relevant with subject matter around Mind, Body & Spirit. Designing a scholarship program for this community.
Why? Because Military Spouse Lives Matter
Military Spouse Group Mentorship Scholarship Program
75% pro bono tuition
25% military spouse investment in herself

🌼 I partner with Military Spouses to guide them through their personal struggles around military lifestyle, transition, spouse PTSD, grief, family relationships & betrayal using practical mindset/mental fitness tools from Positive Intelligence so they can thrive on the other side. 🌼
✔️ Gain clarity, set priorities, and accomplish more with less effort
✔️ Survive and thrive through dreaded deployments
✔️ Find a Portable Profession that truly energizes the spirit
✔️ Finish degrees and create career opportunities
✔️ Learn how to make a military marriage work and achieve greater happiness in marriage
✔️ Position self for next military move, or even for life after the military
✔️ Balancing a Successful Career and a Healthy Marriage
✔️ Your New Living Purpose after Divorce from military service member
2.Living purpose after military retirement
3.Better relationship with my Spouse
4.Life with Military Spouse & PTSD
5.Spouse Betrayal
6.Mindfulness & Positive Attitude
7.Letting Go of things that no longer serve you in 2023
8.Getting Back to Nature
9.Slowing Down with Meditation
10.Health, Wellness, Sleep & Fitness