1. Application for a position in the Math Bio Program


Your application will be complete when you submit this form AND when we receive two letters of reference. Please have the individuals who are writing letters for you send those letters as an attachment to j_rychta@uncg.edu

All materials (this form and letters of reference must be received no later than 5 pm Friday October 14th, 2012).

Your answers to the questions below will be used by the selection committee to evaluate your application. Bear in mind that admission to this opportunity is competitive and all of your answers, as well as other application materials, will determine who is selected. Please note questions with a * require an answer. If you neglect to answer a question with a * your application will not be submitted. You will see a message "Thanks for your MathBio application" when you have successfully entered all required information.

* 1. Your first name

* 2. Your last name

* 3. Your UNCG ID #

* 4. Mailing Address

* 5. City

* 6. State

* 7. Zip Code

* 8. Email address you check on a daily basis

* 9. 10 digit phone number we can reach you at

* 12. Major

* 13. Minor

* 14. Honors (membership in honorary societies, scholarships etc). If you don't have anything, please just say "no honors" in the space below.

* 15. Please list all the biology courses you have taken and the grades you have received (e.g., Intro Biol I, B+). If you haven't taken any biology courses, please enter "no biology courses" in the space below.

* 16. Please list all the mathematic and statistic courses you have taken and the grades you received (e.g., Pre-Calculus, B)

* 17. Special skills (programming language etc)

* 18. Overall G.P.A

* 19. Do you have previous research experience or have you participated in an internship? If yes please briefly tell us about it in the space below. If not, tell us about your best experience with mathematics, biology, chemistry and/or physics

* 20. What are your career goals after completing your undergraduate degree (e.g., get a job, go to graduate school)?

* 21. Why did you decide to apply to the MathBio program?

* 22. Use this space to tell us why we should select you for the program. What can you bring to the program? What are your strengths, weaknesses? What do you expect to gain?

* 23. Please rank your top 3 choices for research projects. Select #1 for the project you most wish to work on, #3 for your third choice (descriptions of the projects can be found at www.uncg.edu/mat/bio-math/projects.html).

  1 2 3

* 24. Please give us the names of the two people you expect to write letters of reference. Your references should be professional in nature. This means a faculty member who is familiar with your course work or an employer.