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* 1. Child's First Name

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* 2. Child's Surname

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* 3. Child's Date of Birth


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* 5. Parent Name

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* 6. Email address

Pupil expectations: Your child will

·         ask permission from a parent before using an electronic device.

·         access the school learning platform and approved websites for school learning.

·         speak to my parent or school staff, should I have any concerns.

·         access school work only at appropriate times as advised by my parent/teacher.

·         monitor my amount of screen time and take breaks.

·         show appropriate behaviour on any device; communication, actions, searches.

·         not take any screenshots, or videos to distribute outside of school purposes

Video Calls

·         always request permission from a parent to access a call

·         always act responsibly.

·         be dressed appropriately (no pyjamas, vests, etc).

·         mute my microphone unless asked to contribute.

·         have the meeting in an appropriate place – not a bedroom.

·         contribute positively to the learning.

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* 7. Do you consent to the expectations above?

Parental Responsibilities: You will

Support your child / children in their learning by:

·    ensuring your child is ready for learning at the start of each school day (dressed appropriately, eaten breakfast etc)

·     providing an environment conducive to learning (access to technology, appropriate study space during daytime).

·     engaging in conversations on posted materials, assignments and activities.

·     monitoring time spent engaging in online and offline learning: Too much screen time must be avoided.

·     supporting emotional balance by providing ample time for reflection, physical activity, conversation, and down-time.

·     reporting any concerns about any aspect of a lesson or activity through polite emails to

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* 8. Do you consent to the responsibilities above?

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* 9. Parental declaration: I consent to my child taking part in virtual communications and remote learning as outlined in this form

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* 10. By selecting 'I agree' you are consenting to BBPS using and recording the information supplied in this form. This will be held and processed in line with GDPR guidelines.

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