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* 1. Facility-Wide Safety Rules
The safety and well-being of the employees, contractors and visitors to this facility are of utmost importance. Although it is impossible to specify safety rules for every situation, the following are minimum expectations for compliance with the safety and health policies established by this facility.

I. Housekeeping
·   Clean up any spills or debris that you create or observe.
·   Close all drawers and cupboards after use.
·   Do not leave equipment or supplies where they could pose tripping hazards.

II. Reporting procedures
·   Report all incidents, accidents, injuries or near misses to your supervisor immediately.
·   Report any equipment problems, damage, malfunctions or unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately.
·   Report any unsafe acts or behaviors you observe.

III. Personal protective equipment
·       Use all required protective equipment in the prescribed manner.
·       Immediately report when supplies are getting low or if personal protective equipment is not available.

IV. Horseplay
·   Do not engage in any acts of horseplay
·   Do not run through the facility or on the grounds.
·   Do not throw things that could break or injure someone.

V. Smoking
·   Smoke only in designated areas
·   Make sure all cigarettes and matches are extinguished properly

VI. Driving
·   Drive slowly and cautiously through the parking lot.
·   Obey posted signs and traffic patterns.
·   Park only in designated parking spots.

VII.  Machinery and equipment
·       Do not operate any equipment for which you have not been trained.
·       Remove, tag and report defective equipment immediately.
·       Do not remove safety guards or grounding pins from any equipment.
·       Follow all established inspection and operating procedures.

VIII.  Safe handling and storage of equipment
·       Never block hallways, stairways or exits with equipment or supplies.
·       Use prescribed mechanical assists for handling supplies.
·       Do not carry loads that obstruct vision.
·       Get help when lifting or moving items that are heavy or awkward.

IX.  Electrical Safety
·       Do not operate electrical equipment if the ground pin is missing
·       Do not block electrical panels.
·       Do not bring in appliances from home.

X.   Evacuation/Disaster plan
·       Know your responsibilities and be prepared to carry them out
·       Follow all established procedures during drills.

XI.    Chemical handling
·       Use safety precautions and safe handling methods for all chemicals.
·       Keep all cleaners and chemicals in properly labeled containers.
·       Keep compressed gas cylinders secured and capped when not in use.
·       Do not mix any chemicals or cleaners, unless instructed to do so.
·       Know the location of the material safety data sheets for all chemicals you  are expected to handle.

XII.   Fire safety
·       Keep flammable materials away from equipment and other sources of heat or sparks.
·       Know your exit routes from all work areas.
·       Use the P.A.S.S. method when using fire extinguishers.
Pull the pin.
Aim at base of fire.
Squeeze trigger when holding the extinguisher upright.
Sweep the extinguisher

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* 2. As mentioned, this list is by no means all- inclusive of the safety and health policies and procedures that we expect you to follow as an employee of this company.  Your immediate supervisor will explain specific guidelines and additional safety precautions based on your specific job requirements.  

Failing to follow the preceding guidelines will subject you to the progressive disciplinary process established by the facility.  Discuss questions or concerns regarding a specific situation with your supervisor. 

Following are actions that could result in immediate dismissal: 

Reporting to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
Possession of illegal drugs or alcohol
Carrying a concealed weapon
Threats of bodily harm
Assaulting or fighting with residents or fellow employees
Falsification of documentation; injury reports or other records
Intentionally creating a hazardous situation

I understand and agree to follow the safety and health rules outlined herein. I further understand that failing to abide by these rules could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
I have received a copy of the safety manual. It is located the employee portal in dropbox. 

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