1. Areas of interest - themes & topics

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These questions are about your CPD priorities and objectives for 2018 and beyond.

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* 1. Your CPD priorities in terms of general areas of interest

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Group Leading & Group Facilitation Training
Embodied Practice, Body Psychotherapy, Body-oriented Therapy
Relational Modalities, Integrating ‘1-person’ & ‘2-person psychology’, Michael's 'Diamond Model'
Psychotherapy Integration & its Difficulties, Dangers & Limitations
Integrative Trauma Work
Supervision Training
Integrative embodied-relational Couple Work
Relationality, Enactment, Relational Psychoanalysis

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* 2. Please rate these specific topics and how important they are to you.

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Two-chair work
Mindfulness - Mindlessness - Bodymind Fullness
Integrative Trauma Therapy
Transforming Enactment
Working with Illness (psychosomatic connection)
Integrating the Paradigm Clash between Humanistic and Psychodynamic Principles
Supervision Training

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* 3. What are currently your main challenges and objectives in your Continuing Professional Development?

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Expanding my practice - more clients, more sessions
Enhancing my practice - learning more approaches, skills, techniques
Deepening my practice - reaching deeper levels of the process
Diversifying my practice - more diversity in terms of therapeutic approaches, clients & their issues
Diversifying my practice - into different contexts and therapy formats (couples, groups, coaching, supervision)
Making my practice more sustainable - dealing with the effort and impact of practice; 'job satisfaction'
Making my practice more socially impactful and relevant
Making my practice more integrative - across a range of modalities
Making my practice more embodied - for myself and the clients
Expanding  my practice into transpersonal and spiritual dimensions
Strengthening my networks and embeddedness in community of practitioners