Welcome to the New Jersey Trout Stocking Survey

New Jersey DEP Fish and Wildlife is conducting a series of short online surveys to obtain angler feedback concerning our Trout Stocking Program throughout the state. In particular, the opinions of anglers who fish on trout-stocked waterbodies during the stocking season is sought.  The information collected will be used to inform future stocking, management, and regulation decisions.  
This particular survey is designed to determine which state-stocked waters are fished most frequently by trout anglers over the course of the year.  It also aims to determine angler satisfaction on those specific waters. It is anticipated that this survey will take between 5 and 15 minutes.
Please have your Conservation ID number (CID#), found on your Freshwater Fishing License, handy; it is required for participation in the survey. Your CID# is the 9-digit number found on your license.  Personal information will not be shared.

Resident trout anglers, 70 years of age or older, are not required to purchase a fishing license or trout stamp, however you are still eligible to participate in this survey.  If you do not have a CID#, please create an account with NJDEP Fish and Wildlife here. You may also access your previous CID# by utilizing this link.
As life-long anglers we are very interested in your input concerning stocked trout fishing opportunities in New Jersey.