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The focus of this position is to connect with the residents of Youngstown on a grassroots level. This will include gathering community feedback, creating sustainable programming and providing access to the facilities and resources to host quality of life events and seasonal programming for residents of our great community. The Community Engagement and Inclusion Coordinator’s primary objectives will be to work directly with community groups, churches, neighborhood associations and downtown businesses to build relationships that results in the identification and production of program, projects and events that resonate with city residents.

We are seeking a dynamic and motivated candidate seeking to listen and learn from stakeholders to discover fresh ideas. The successful candidate will have above average interpersonal skills to effectively serve a diverse constituency. This subcontracted position will report to the Community Engagement and Inclusion Initiative Committee and work closely with the manager of the facilities (JAC).  

Applications must be submitted by Friday, January 25th, 2019.

Community Engagement and Inclusion Coordinator - Job Description. Job Description

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