NOTE: The Application Deadline Has Now Passed

The application deadline was December 15, 2011. However, the application form will remain open until Monday, December 19 to allow those who have already expressed interest in attending the workshops to complete their applications.

The Island Film Factory in collaboration with CulturePEI and SkillsPEI is offering a series of film and digital media industry workshops to be held in February 2012. The exact dates of the workshops will be determined by the availability of trainers and the workshop participants.

These are intensive, hands-on professional level workshops designed to give people already working in the film and digital media industry (or related fields) an opportunity to take their skills to a higher level. We are seeking applicants for the following workshops:

1. Production Manager (5 days, 3 participants)
2. Director of Photography (5 days, 3 participants)
3. Field Audio Recorder (3 days, 3 participants)
4. Grip/Gaffer/Electric (3 days, 5 participants)
5. Editing Long-form Drama (3 days, 5 participants)
6. Editing Comedy (3 days, 5 participants)
7. Online Editing (3 days, 3 participants)
8. Sound Design (3 days, 3 participants)

Space in the workshops is limited so admission will be through a juried, competitive process. All applications will be screened according to the following criteria:

1. Current skill level in the discipline.
2. Dedication to making a career in the discipline.
3. Intention to conduct that career on PEI (as much as is possible).

A key part of the application process is to create a profile on If you have already created a profile you should review it to make sure that it supports your application to the workshop(s) you are interested in. If you have not created a profile, you can do it before or after you complete this application. However, please note that the deadline for completing profiles on is the same as for this application: December 18, 2011.

Profiles on must include the following information and must demonstrate your skill level in the discipline related to the workshop(s) you are applying for. In particular, you must complete the following sections of your profile on

1. Name
2. Email
3. Specialization
4. Biography
5. Select Credits
6. Portfolio (if you are applying for Director of Photography, Field Audio Recorder, Editing or Sound Design workshops)

In early January, a short list of applicants will be determined. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed to determine:

1. Potential to benefit from the workshops.
2. Potential fit into the PEI film industry.

Successful applicants will be contacted to work out details of participation in terms of dates and specific learning needs. The fee for each workshop is $100. Fees will only be collected once participation has been confirmed.

If you have any questions regarding the workshops, completing the survey or creating a profile on, please contact the Island Film Factory at or call 902-566-3312. If you wish to find our more about the Island Film Factory, please visit our website at