This Award is presented at the 2024 Chamber Annual Awards Banquet

The recipient of this award will have participated actively in a variety of service projects and programs leading to civic improvement, human welfare, and/or environmental enhancement. The nominee also must have a positive impact on the social or economic climate of the community and influence the community through his or her leadership.

1. Must have lived or worked in the community for a minimum of 10 years
2. Has demonstrated outstanding volunteer activity and service over a period of years, continuing to recent years, in more than one area of community and/or civic activity or organization.
3. Service or contributions have been performed outside of the nominee's business, profession or vocation.
4. Demonstration of recognizable leadership by inspiration and example in community affairs.
5. The Chamber reserves the right to request two letters of reference from a third party. The nominee may furnish one of these letters if they did not submit the original nomination form.

Nominee Information
4.Please submit your nomination in a paragraph/narrative format answering the questions below using 225 words or less.
1. What is the # of Years and type of service this person has given to the community?
2. What is the Civic involvement in and offices held by this individual in service clubs, government commissions or committees, clubs, professional associations, churches, or other community groups?
3. What are some examples of this individual’s leadership and/or cooperative efforts to promote community and civic enterprises?
4. How has this nominee had an overall positive impact on the social/economic climate of the community?
5.Submitted by (your name)(Required.)
6.Your phone number(Required.)
Nominations may be turned in any time throughout the year, but the deadline for submissions is 5:00pm on February 9, 2024. Please note incomplete applications and nominee’s failure to meet criteria may be subject to removal of consideration.