Survey for Bi-gender People

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a detailed survey of bi-gender people. This survey was prepared by James Beth Merritt, a bi-gender writer who has been working on a book about their bi-gender experience. 

All results of this survey will remain anonymous, and no individual responses will be published, though results from many respondents may be summarized to help educate the public about bi-genderism. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

This survey is only for people who identify as bi-gender. It is up to you and you alone if you identify as bi-gender. You don't have to present to the world in any particular way to participate in this survey.

When this survey talks about how you "identify," that's about you feel inside. When it talks about how you "present," that's about how you look, sound, or act.

IMPORTANT MADE-UP TERM: In this survey, "SAB" means the sex you were assigned at birth, or the gender matching that sex. This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with your gender identity, but it would be, for instance, the sex that shows up on your original birth certificate.

* 1. What's your age?

* 2. How long have you identified as bi-gender?

* 3. How confident do you feel that you're bi-gender?

* 4. What country and (optional) state or province do you live in?

* 5. What sex were you assigned at birth (your SAB)?

* 6. What gender do you identify with the most? (If they're balanced, choose either one.) We'll be calling this your "first gender."

* 7. What is your other gender?

* 8. How do you experience your two gender identities?

* 9. If your gender identity shifts, how much control or direction do you have over these shifts?

* 10. If your gender identity shifts, how often do your shifts typically occur?

* 11. How would you describe your sexual orientation? Check all that apply

* 12. What is the earliest age at which you can remember questioning or being confused about your gender, or deciding that your SAB did not fit?

* 13. What age were you when you concluded you were bi-gender (whether or not you knew that word at the time)?

* 14. Prior to identifying as bi-gender, did you do any of the following for a long time (not just to experiment) as a gender other than your SAB? Mark any that apply

* 15. Have you ever tried to be cisgender (the same gender as your SAB) instead of bigender or transgender?

* 16. Which option best describes your current feelings about being bi-gender?

* 17. How often do you present (appear as) as a gender other than your SAB, whether publicly or privately?

* 18. What percentage of time would you estimate you spend as the gender that matches your SAB? (If none, put 0)

* 19. What percentage of the time do you identify as a gender that doesn't match your SAB?

* 20. How confident do you feel when presenting as a gender other than your SAB?

* 21. On average, how often do you go out in public presenting as a gender other than your SAB?

* 22. How much impact do concerns about new problems in relationships, bad reactions or judgment from other people, unhappiness with how you present as a gender other than your SAB, and other drawbacks have on your bi-gender identity?

* 23. How public is your gender identity?

* 24. How have people who know you're bi-gender or transgender treated you?

* 25. (Optional) If your gender identity changes, describe a typical experience of that kind of shift.

* 26. (Optional) What actions, choices, or resources have been most helpful to you as a bi-gender person?

* 27. If you want to, you can give your first name or names here:

* 28. If you'd like to receive results from this survey or to be in touch with James Beth to talk about bi-gender issues, you can give your e-mail here. Leave blank to remain anonymous.

* 29. Any comments or questions?