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* 1. Please provide the following contact information:

* 2. What type of ARRA funds have you received? Please select from the following:

* 3. Do you plan on applying for additional ARRA competitive funds?

* 4. Have you been able to collaborate with any other organizations or local governments who have received ARRA funds or have existing programs and resources that can be leveraged with your ARRA funding? If so, please describe. Would you like to pursue collaborations with other organizations, including but not limited to those receiving ARRA funds? If yes, what types?

* 5. Do you currently have a plan for meeting the reporting requirements of ARRA? If no would you like outside help? Would like to evaluate the impact of the ARRA funds in the community you serve and/or on your own organization. If yes, would you like help?

* 6. Do you feel your organization or government agency's internal resources and capacity are sufficient for meeting the administrative requirements as well as the coordination needed to be successful? If no, what is your main concern?

* 7. Do your plans for your ARRA funds include sub-allocating, making grants, or contracting to non-profits and/or private sector organizations? If so, have you faced any challenges thus far or do you anticipate any challenges in this process? Please explain. What types of assistance, information and/or collaboration would provide helpful assistance?

* 8. Are you interested in participating in new ways to share information and coordinate communication among your partners and others that can increase your program's impact? If so, check all types that are of interest.

* 9. Please list any areas or subjects in which you would be interested in collaborating or receiving technical assistance from the ARRA Coordinating Council. Some examples: creating a revolving loan fund, leveraging other state and federal resources, linking your projects to job training or placement services, or other assistance to help you increase the effects of the ARRA in your community.

* 10. Please share any other relevant details of your ARRA experience, including Web links to any plans or details you've placed online. Your response can help the ARRA Coordinating Council better serve your needs and help you leverage current funds and any other money you could qualify for, with possible collaboration for a more regional approach and long lasting impact. Please let us know if you are interested in working with the ARRA Coordinating Council to help leverage funds.