1. Parent & Community Feedback

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Thank you for participating in the survey.  
Your responses are very important for our April 4, 2017, Strategic Planning work session.

QUESTION 1 is a ranking question related to the CRSD Board of Education's Strategic Plan Core Values.
The remaining questions on Page 1 are related to stakeholder satisfaction. 

* 1. The CRSD Board of Education has identified SIX core values as the focus of its Strategic Plan. Please rank order the following core values in order of importance to you, as a stakeholder. (Drag & drop or use the drop down menu to rank)

* 12. STRENGTHS of the school serving children in my community include:

* 13. GROWTH AREAS for the school serving children in my community include:

* 14. What IDEAS do you have that would help improve CRSD schools and the district, as a whole?

* 15. Please share any additional comments or feedback about any of the questions in this survey, the Strategic Plan, or the CRSD and/or its schools:

* 16. What questions should we have asked in this survey that we didn't ask (and what would your answers to those questions be)?

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