Board Elections 2013-2014

The MN Campus Alliance is a completely volunteer organization made of dedicated individuals from across the state. It needs your energy and voice to create change on Minnesota College and university campuses. Join the Executive Board! Become a trainer! Serve on a committee! To nominate yourself or another person for any of the roles described below, please complete the survey by Sunday Dec 16.

Eligibility Requirements: At the time of their election, the nominee must be a resident of the state of Minnesota, or primarily engaged within the state of Minnesota. We want people from ALL over Minnesota! Our board meetings take place in person and online at least once a month.

For each nomination, please include the name of the person you are nominating, why they would be a good fit, and their contact information. You can nominate yourself too!!!

* 1. Co-Chairs (2): Time Commitment: Approximately 50 hours per month Responsibilities Include: Co-Chairing the Board, co-chairing the Governance Committee; calling Board meetings once per month; assigning tasks to Coordinators, Representatives, and the Ex-Officio Board Members at needs; providing organizational structure and ensuring the organization is fulfilling every aspect of its mission and goals; working with the Development and Finance Coordinators to create a budget; and maintaining a public image consistent with the values and expectations of the MN Campus Alliance and its Board.