Please answer the following questions as fully as you can:

* 1. How have you used Infoshare in your work (e.g., educational training, grant writing, research, advocacy, program planning , etc.)? Please describe in as much detail as you can.

* 2. Has Infoshare helped you accomplish your research and/or
programmatic objectives? If so, how?

* 3. What data sets have you found most useful?

* 4. Have you experienced any difficulties or limitations in using Infoshare?

* 5. Personal Information

* 6. Would you be willing to participate in a 10-minute follow-up phone interview?

* 7. If your answer to the above question is "yes", please let us know your contact number and the optional days and times that would be most convenient for us to call you.

* 8. Are there other Infoshare user(s) in your institution/organization who should complete this survey? Please provide us with his/her name(s) and contact information.

Thank you for your assistance.

Infoshare Staff