1. Rank from 1-5 (5 being the most important) each of these critical issues or greatest challenges facing historic preservation in Connecticut.

2. Rank from 1-5 (5 being the most important) the top 5 historic preservation goals that should be addressed in the 2011-2016 Connecticut Historic Preservation Plan.

3. Select the top 5 most effective methods that CCT’s Historic Preservation and Museum Division can use for providing historic preservation information to the public.

4. What type of historic preservation workshop or training would you attend? Please check all that apply.

5. What issues should be the top priorities for the state’s historic preservation community, including both private and public preservation organizations, over the next five years? Please check all that apply.

6. Do you believe that the following statement is true?
“The average person where I live recognizes that there are benefits to protecting and preserving the architectural historic, and cultural character of the community.”

7. Which of the following categories best describes your role in historic preservation?

8. Why is the preservation of Connecticut’s heritage important to you?

9. In what county of Connecticut do you live?

10. Which best represents the community where you live?