The following survey is confidential and will be used to assist us with future planning for parental involvement as well as student activities and events here at Franklin School. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.


* 1. Please select any of the following that would help you participate more often in school functions, activities, and planning events?

* 4. How would you like to receive information from your child's school? (Check all that apply)

* 6. How often do you visit our school website?

* 7. What is the primary language spoken in your home?

* 8. What types of training or programs to improve student academic achievement would you be likely to participate in if they were offered by the school?  (Please check all that apply.)

* 9. Workshops and events may be offered at the school based on the needs and interests of our parents. Please review the following list of potential workshop topics and rank them in the order of what interests you the most. (1 = Most Interested, 5 = Least Interested)

* 10.  Please describe any hobbies, talents, interests, or work experiences that you could share with the parents, staff, or students at your child’s school.