The Regional District operates the Canoe Valley Recreation Centre in Valemount, along with two other community recreation facilities in McBride.  These buildings vary in age from 10 years old to 50 years old.

As a result of things like building condition, new regulatory requirements and service levels, the cost to continue to run these centres in their current state is prohibitive.  Cost recovery is not achievable and as a result money is taken from building reserves to cover the shortage, which is quickly depleting the reserve, leaving little to respond to major breakdowns or any upgrades.

Additionally, usage of these facilities is inconsistent and in some cases have seen a significant decline.  

 This has prompted the Regional District to review recreation services in the Robson Valley.  As part of the review, the Regional District wants to engage with the communities in the Robson Valley to help determine funding priorities, operational standards and future needs for recreational facilities in the Robson Valley.

This short survey is one way we are asking the community for input.  Later this year, we will be meeting with the community and sharing results from this survey as part of our continuing discussion.  Your voice is important, and we thank you for taking part in this process.