Thank you for taking the time to fill out a nomination. We ask that you choose a category that best fits the project. Details for each award can be found HERE

**All nominations should answer questions 1-5**  

1. If you are nominating for the "Program Award" please answer questions 1-12.
2. If you are nominating for the "Public-Private Partnership Award" please answer questions 1-5 and 13 ONLY.
3. If you are nominating for the "Leadership Award for Public Service" please answer questions 1-5 and 14 ONLY.

* 1. Address

* 2. What is the name of the project?

* 3. When did the project begin?

* 4. What date did the project end? (If applicable) 

* 5. Which one of the seven award categories is applicable to the project? (See Detailed Descriptions in Page Title)

* 6. Please provide a brief description of the project

* 7. What is the goal or purpose of the project?

* 8. Who are the participants in the project? Who was involved in planning/implementation? Who is affected?

* 9. What has been the impact of the project? How effective has is been in furthering economic development in you community? Identify any tangible and/or intangible results and value added. Be sure to include metrics in your description of the results. 

* 10. Can this project be replicated or transferred? Can it be adapted for use in other communities? What lessons have been learned?

* 11. In what ways is this project innovative or creative?

* 12. Are there any other relevant details to add not covered above or specific to your category? 

* 13. Public-Private Partnership: Please identify the project name; location; the developer; the firm; complete information of the prime contact, the CEO and chief elected official of the city. Describe the project and its significance to the community. Include the types of projects (retail, industrial, office, etc.), its physical size and financing agreements. Specify the contributions of the nominee.  

* 14. Leadership Award for Public Service: Please submit a profile of the individual's achievements, and candidates should provide a profile of their professional achievements.