1. bgym Hit and Miss 2010 Survey

Question Title

* 1. Do you agree that the following will be a HIT?

  Agree: its a HIT Disagree: its a MISS
Apple's iPad will hit its target of 2.5million units
Tiger Woods will bounce back, picking up 1-2 big new sponsors
Nespresso will continue to grow in at least double digits
Reckit Benkiser's brand focus and relentless innovation will grow sales at 5-10%
Dove for Men will take a c. 10% share by end of year 1
Retailer John Lewis will grow sales 5%+ thanks to great service from its 69,000 partners

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* 2. Do you agree that the following will be a MISS?

  Agree: its a MISS Disagree: its a HIT
Coke Zero will still have less then 3% share vs. Pepsi Max
Marmite savoury cereal bar will have less than 5% share
Kellogg's natural feeling Nature's Pleasure cereal will be on its last legs
Bing search engine (from Microsoft) will get no more than 20% market share
aol's re-design will have no impact: brand will continue to struggle with sales flat
England's football team will fail to win the World Cup
Guinness Black lager will be a miss in test and not rolled out