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* 1. How valuable did you find the homework assignments? Was allowing students to skip 4 assignments the right balance to strike? What would you suggest for improvements in the assignments?

* 2. Which of the lectures struck you as working particularly well, and why?

Which of the lectures struck you as particularly deficient / not working well, and why?

Any other suggestions regarding the lecture aspect of the course?

(Overview/Map; Denial-of-Service; Traceback; Capabilities; Network Intrusion Detection Systems; NIDS Evasion; NIDS Evaluation; The Threat of Worms; Worm Detection/Defense; Scanning; Forensics; Inferring Activity; Anonymity; Architecture; Legality and Ethics; Securing Protocols (2); Authentication; Web Attacks & Defenses; Botnets (2); Spam; Scams (2).)

* 3. Which topics do you wish we had covered in addition (new topics) or in more depth? Which topics would you have skipped, or covered in less depth?

* 4. Based on how your project has proceeded so far, how satisfied are you with that facet of the course? Did you receive adequate feedback and guidance? Did the milestones make sense and come at appropriate times? How worthwhile was it spending class time for the presentations?

In general, what would you suggest for improvement to the class projects?

* 5. How valuable did you find the "topic briefings" each student presented in class (both for your own presentation, and listening to those of the other students)? Would you advise continuing the practice in the future? What improvements/alternatives would you suggest?

* 6. What aspects of the course did you particularly like, and why?

* 7. What aspects of the course did you find particularly weak, and how might they be improved?

* 8. What was missing from the course?

* 9. Any other comments or suggestions?