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With the budget process coming to a close in Massachusetts, we are concerned about the numbers of people with disabilities and their families losing services (or being transferred to a less suitable program). This survey is intended to document these individual/family impacts. (We are also creating a separate provider survey in conjunction with ADDP.)

This survey focuses on cuts to a range of programs – Day, Transportation, Employment, DESE-DDS, Family Support, Turning 22 and Autism Support services.

You may not know the answers yet to these questions as DDS will not inform some families/individuals until the end of July. If you don't have any information, you may want to wait to take the survey. But if you have partial information, you may want to take the survey now, and take it again once you get new information.

If the answer choices do not reflect exactly your situation, please choose the closest one (and you can note the discrepancy in a comment box). All identifying personal information (name, contact info) is optional. See the end of the survey for tips if you are losing services (or being transferred to a less desirable program), and for mailing instructions if filling out paper version of survey.

1. Name of person with disability (optional):

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6. Contact information - phone/email- (optional):

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