DEADLINE to Submit: September 7, 2020

Please consider offering a workshop at the San Diego meeting next January. We will have laboratory space, as well as general classroom/meeting room space available at a local university for all of the workshops. Workshops are welcome in any science area supported by the program.

The goal of the workshops for the Partners in Science National Conference is perhaps a bit different from workshops presented at other science teacher conferences where the intent more typically may be to provide the teacher with a lesson or a demonstration that they can take directly back to use in their classroom. Workshops at the Partners conference are intended to introduce or expose the science teacher/researcher with ideas and strategies that may be more broadly applied to the classroom and should help teachers take the research experience back to the classroom and/or increase the teacher’s awareness of tools or instructional strategies that will promote student inquiry or student research.

If you are interested in proposing a workshop, please submit the following information: