How can I help fundraising for Eastern Hutt School this year?

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The Home and School Committee is where students’ families and school representatives work together to support the school.

We organise school events like the Disco, Quiz and Movie nights and of course the end of year Christmas Carols.  We also run a number of specific fundraising events like calendars and diaries, and of course let’s not forget the regular sausage sizzles that are a real hit with the kids! The funds we raise are fed back into the school for specialty equipment in the classroom and larger projects like the shading for the students’ play areas.  We also use these funds to put on the events to enhance the school’s culture and relationship with its community.

If you like to get behind the organisation of things – please join us as a member of the committee and come along to one of our meetings (we hold 1-2 each term).

If you are more of a worker bee or just want to lend a hand now and then we always need a helping hand and we’ll keep you notified of upcoming events that you can participate in.

It doesn’t need to be a big commitment of time or effort to be a great help to the Home and School Committee’s fundraising efforts. Just  tell us how you would like to get involved by answering the questions below.

We will then contact you when we need to draw upon your skillset to get you involved…

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* 1. My contact details...

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* 2. I’d like to join the Home and School Committee (approx. 1-2 meetings per term) ...

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* 3. I’d like to lend a hand in other ways ...

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* 4. I have other skills and connections to help with school fundraising

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* 5. I can help with the following events:

We are very grateful for any responses received to this survey. We will treat all responses as confidential. In accordance with the preferences indicated in your response information will only be made available to those directly involved in fundraising projects being run by the Home & School Committee.