A Hub in Dalkeith to serve all our communities

There was a Public Meeting in Dalkeith Arts Centre, on 23rd February, where Councillors, and Council Officers met with a large group of representatives of the public to discuss what we want and what we mean by a "Hub" for Dalkeith.  As a result of that conversation, it became clear that the popular will was to think of creating facilities and capabilities that were significantly more extensive than would be needed if we were simply considering the provision of a place to meet and hold events.

Reviewing the essential aspects of a hub in Dalkeith, the meeting identified a need for facilities to serve all of the wider needs of all of the communities served by the town and, indeed, to keep in mind that Dalkeith serves as the County Town and therefore needs facilities that can meet the needs of a major civic centre for the whole county.  The consensus concluded that in thinking about our needs we need to think big - be ambitious and not just address the immediate needs of the town's citizens.

Several other main points were  made:
- the Hub needs to cater for all age groups
- parking needs to be fully considered when locating/designing a Hub
- we need to investigate how developers might contribute to realising the vision
- we need to tie-in any Hub plan with what is being planned for the Town Centre - two competing sets of facilities would not be a good idea

It was also made clear, by Council Leader Owen Thompson, that we - the public - would be the preferred source of ideas and concrete proposals for what and where the Hub should be.  This survey is an attempt to gather some elements of public opinion and to kick-start the formation of a group of individuals who are wiling to give some of their time to making the ideas and aspirations become a reality.  Please let us know what you think and, if the survey isn't to your taste, simply drop us a line at enccmailbox@gmail.com

Question Title

* 1. Where do you think the Hub should be located?

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* 2. What facilities are needed at the Hub?

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* 3. How can we best organise to develop proposals for a Hub?

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* 4. What have we overlooked?  Please let us know any other thoughts or ideas that come to mind.