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* 1. What kinds of activities do you now undertake to keep your grantors, and the grantors in your field, aware of your work?

* 2. Have you ever heard of grantor affinity groups and/or regional grantmaker alliances?

* 3. Have you ever sat down with one or more of your major donors and talked with them about their memberships within these kinds of grantor networks and how they might leverage them to your organization's benefit?

* 4. If no, why have you never made an approach on this topic?

* 5. If yes, was the donor(s) receptive to you?

* 6. In what way(s) has your organization worked with grantor affinity groups and grantmaker regional alliances in the past, if at all?

* 7. How would you say your organization has benefited from working with grantor networks in the past, if you have done so?

* 8. How did you gain access to the grantor affinity group(s) and/or regional grantmaker alliance(s) you worked with, if you did?

* 9. If you have worked with grantmaker alliances in the past, would you consider the/se collaboration(s) successful?

* 10. If you haven’t done so already, would you consider approaching your current/previous major funders with a request that your organization's work be highlighted in upcoming events within grantmaker networks they belong to?

* 11. Have you ever worked with one or more of your donors to hold a pre-conference breakfast at the annual conference of a grantor network relevant to your issues?

* 12. Does your organization periodically host banquets, award dinners and/or receptions where speakers are invited to address the audience?

* 13. If so, would you consider inviting leadership from a grantor affinity group and/or regional grantmaker alliance representing your area to have a speaking role?

* 14. What publications do you read to keep up with the field of nonprofit development?

* 15. What forms of continuing education do you engage in?

* 16. In your job description, are you specifically instructed to focus any of your time on gaining exposure for your organization within organized grantor networks?

* 17. Has your executive director ever asked you to attempt to get him or her into a speaking role at a grantor alliance meeting?

* 18. Does your current development plan, if you have one, include specific activities your organization will take to seek exposure with donors who are members of grantor networks related to your work?

* 19. Do you consider it part of your job to work with communications staff on donor communications?

* 20. In what ways do you do this currently, if you do?

* 21. Do you consider it part of your job to work with program staff on donor communications?

* 22. In what ways do you do this currently, if you do?

* 23. How large is your organization?

* 24. How large is your annual budget?

* 25. Does your organization engage in any re-granting activities to other organizations?

* 26. What types of issues does your organization address in its core mission?

* 27. Is the focus of your programming:

* 28. Have you ever heard of any companies other than echo communications that are helping to promote cutting-edge non-profit organizations into grantor networks?

* 29. If so, what is the name of this company?

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