Application Information section

There are four types of BBIM membership:

●  Full (Inn) Membership (requires a $100 application fee with this application, with annual dues ($250 plus $20 per room over the first guest room) prorated to July 31st invoiced after the inspection and approval process)
●  Associate Membership:  Aspiring Innkeeper Membership ($50 annual dues)
●  Associate Membership:  Friends of BBIM Membership ($50 annual dues)
●  Associate Membership:  Vendor Membership ($100 annual dues)

Please complete the applicable sections of this application.  You may return to it if you need to gather information.  When you complete the application online, you will be taken to a page for the opportunity to pay your application fee / annual dues online (via PayPal®) or check by mail.

* 1. BBIM needs this information in order to properly identify you and process your application:

* 2. How may BBIM contact you about this application?

* 3. Additional Information

* 4. What basic type of membership are you applying for?